Produkt: Turning

2-axis turning center to process wide variety of parts with high efficiency

  • Integral spindle / motor for high-accuracy, high-speed machining
  • 12 position / 8 position (option) drum turret with minimum interference
  • Simple and compact machine designed for high cost performance




  • MAZATROL conversational programming
  • Touch screen - Operates similar to your smartphone / tablet
  • New functions for high-speed, high-accuracy



High-torque spindle

The spindle is designed to provide high-torque machining in the low-speed range. In addition to its high rigidity, the high acceleration and deceleration increases productivity.



The bolt-on tool holders are rigidly mounted on the turret by 4 bolts. Thanks to a servo driven motor, drum turret features high-speed, non-lift turret indexing with minimum interference. Tool shank ☐25mm ensures high rigidity machining.

Technische Daten der Maschine

500 mm Drehlänge Werte
Eigenschaften Max. Schwingdurchmesser 695 mm
Futtergrösse 6 "
Max. Drehdurchmesser 340 mm
Max. Stangendurchmesser 52 mm
Hauptspindel Max. Drehzahl 6,000 min-¹
Nennleistung (40% ED) 15.0 kW
Nennleistung Dauerbetrieb 11.0 kW
Drehmoment (max.) 167.0 Nm
Werkzeugrevolver Anzahl der Werkzeugplätze 12
Frässpindelleistung (100% ED) 3.7 kW
Frässpindelleistung (40% ED) 5.5 kW
Max. Frässpindeldrehzahl 4,500 min-¹
Max. Frässpindel-Drehmoment 47 Nm
Reitstock Aufnahme MK5
Vorschubachsen Eilgang X-Achse (max.) 30 m/min
Eilgang Y-Achse (max.) 10 m/min
Eilgang Z-Achse (max.) 30 m/min
X-Achse 215 mm
Y-Achse 100 mm
Z-Achse 605 mm