Produkt: Turning

Shown with optional double foot pedal switch (standard equipment for European market.)

Compact, Gang-Tooling CNC Turning Center

  • High-efficiency machining of high precision small components found in many industries, such as automotive components, electronic components, small bearings and medical components
  • High speed, high accuracy integral spindle/motor since no transmission with belts, pulleys or gears is used, the higher efficiency of the integral spindle/motor delivers more power to the tooltip to be used for cutting
  • Standard 7000rpm spindle [ 5.5kW (30min. rating) ] and optional high-output spindle [ 7.5kW (30min. rating) ] are available to meet your machining requirements
  • Changeable tool plate - after setting tools or holders, the tool plate can be changed without tear-down of setup
  • Wide range of automation systems is available to meet a wide variety of production requirements

Technische Daten der Maschine

Standardmaschine Values
Eigenschaften Max. Schwingdurchmesser 470 mm
Hauptspindel Max. Drehzahl 7,000 min-¹
30 min. Nennleistung 5.5 kW
Vorschubachsen X-Achse 300 mm
Z-Achse 240 mm