Produkt: Vertical

MAZATROL SmoothG (Option) shown

High Efficiency Vertical Machining Center

  • 18000 rpm, 1120N・m (826 ft・lbf), 30kW (40HP) [50%ED] Integral spindle / motor is designed for the high speed machining of aluminum and high speed finish machining of dies and molds.
  • Highest productivity in this class of vertical machining centers.
  • Reduced cycle times thanks to high speed feedrate, acceleration / deceleration and tool change
  • Feedrate 52 m/min (2047 IPM) … spindle speed 18000 rpm
  • Tool-to-tool … 1.3 seconds
  • Unique Mazak heat compensation system - THERMAL SHIELD
  • Excellent accessibility thanks to two front doors providing wide opening - large window for convenient monitoring of machining
  • Linear roller guides and ball screw core cooling on the X-, Y-, and Z- axes are standard equipment
  • MAZATROL SmoothC, the advanced CNC designed for ease of operation - standard equipment
  • The MAZATROL SmoothG CNC is optionally available

* Standard equipment CNC system varies by market

Technische Daten der Maschine

Standardmaschine Values
Kapazität Breite 1,300 mm
Länge 550 mm
Hauptspindel Spindelaufnahme Steilkegel 40
Max. Drehzahl 18,000 min-¹
Nennleistung (50%ED) 30.0 kW
Vorschübe Eilgang X-Achse 52 m/min
Eilgang Y-Achse 52 m/min
Eilgang Z-Achse 52 m/min
Automatischer Werkzeugwechsler Anzahl der Magazinplätze 30
Werkzeugaufnahme CAT/MAS BT-40
Maschinenabmessung Breite 2,880 mm
Länge 3,211 mm