Produkt: Vertical

Make heavy duty parts precisely...every time

Compact travelling column design ensures that the maximum working area is achieved for the smallest floor space. Wide door opening for craned access of large workpieces combined with adjustable CNC pendant and large windows provide the ideal ergonomic platform to maximise machine utilisation.

  • Heavy Duty column incorporates Cross Rib Structure design, enhancing torsional stiffness delivering class leading cutting performance.
  • The FEA designed fully cast base structure provides the rigid platform required to deliver true 50 taper Heavy Duty machining performance, providing optimised thermal stability and vibration dampening characteristics for enhanced accuracy.
  • High Performance Automatic Tool Changer with intermediate tool change arm provides capacity for 36 tools upto 325 mm in length and 13 kg in weight.
  • Agility is assured with the incorporated direct drive ballscrews and roller linear guide technology delivering high performance axis motion with 50 m/min rapid traverese and 0.5G Acceleration.
  • Incorporating Mazak’s proven spindle design technology, the integral motor driven spindle with air / oil cooling delivers impressive performance -10,000 rpm, 30 kW (40% ED.) power and 175 Nm torque, critical for machining hard to cut materials.

Technische Daten der Maschine

Standardmaschine Values
Kapazität: Tisch - Spitzenhöhe 870 mm
Breite 3,500 mm
Länge 820 mm
Verfahrbereich X-Achse 3,000 mm
Verfahrbereich Y-Achse 800 mm
Verfahrbereich Z-Achse 720 mm
Arbeitsspindel: Max. Drehzahl 10,000 min-¹
Vorschübe: Eilganggeschwindigkeit X-Achse 50 m/min
Eilganggeschwindigkeit Y-Achse 50 m/min
Eilganggeschwindigkeit Z-Achse 50 m/min
Arbeitstisch: Breite 3,500 mm
Länge 820 mm
Werkzeugwechsler: Anzahl Werkzeugplätze (Standard) 36
Werkzeugschaft MAS BT 50 / CAT 50
Abmessungen: Länge 5,805 mm
Breite 3,835 mm