Yamazaki Mazak Corporation Announces Leadership Transition

Manufacturing technology leader Yamazaki Mazak Corporation has announced that President Tomohisa Yamazaki will become the company’s Chairman, while Vice President Takashi Yamazaki has been named the new President.

The transition, which will take effect on June 24 to coincide with the company’s 100th anniversary, is the result of a long-planned leadership evolution designed to position the company for continued growth, while cementing its ability to provide support to manufacturers around the world.

Takashi Yamazaki described the approach he would bring as President: “Many evaluate the company’s virtue with the revenue figure, but I won’t be just pursuing that. With 100 years of company history, we would like to continue providing customers around the world with greater technologies and better products.”

Tomohisa Yamazaki’s appointment as Chairman is the culmination of his dynamic career as a long-time leader of one of the world’s largest machine tool companies. In addition, he will continue to act as the Vice Chairman of the Japanese Machine Tool Builders’ Association (JMTBA).

He commented: “I will stay involved in the decision-making process for medium and long-term plans and will support the new leadership from a broader perspective.”

Prior to joining Yamazaki Mazak Corporation in 1990, Takashi Yamazaki earned his bachelor’s degree in business from Xavier University. After garnering experience in numerous departments across the company, he became a managing director in 1999 and a vice president in 2013. His key objectives will be to reinforce Mazak’s position in the increasingly globalised manufacturing market and the promotion of new technologies and products to further strengthen the company’s customer philosophy of ‘Together Success’.

Mr Richard Smith, European Group Managing Director, commented: “Yamazaki Mazak is remarkable for its consistent dedication to customers and, importantly, the stability of its operations and leadership. This stability has enabled both sustained developments in technology and a proven track-record of customer service, allowing our customers to access the most advanced and effective manufacturing solutions.”

He continued: “On behalf of all branches of Yamazaki Mazak in Europe, we would like to offer sincere thanks to Tomohisa Yamazaki for his exemplary leadership and his continued commitment to European manufacturing. Our warmest congratulations also go to Takashi Yamazaki and we look forward to working with both executives in continuing to deliver the highest levels of support to our customers in the future.”